Frequently Asked QuestionsQuestion: How many pieces perform with The Groove Street Orchestra?
Answer: The Groove Street Orchestra performs as a 9-piece band with a sound, lighting & video technicians. There are 10 total members at each event.

Question: What is the instrumentation of The Groove Street Orchestra?
Answer: There are five lead vocalists (male & female), guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, saxophone, violin, and trumpet.

Question: Why should I choose Groove Street Orchestra over an agency band?
Answer: We have the experience of being an agency band and will bring the same quality and professionalism without the additional cost. It’s the band that will make your event memorable, not the agency salesperson who won’t be at your event.

Question: Does GSO have liability insurance?
Answer: Yes, we carry a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy for all events.

Question: Will the musicians I see at a public appearance or showcase, be the same as the musicians that perform at my event?
Answer: The Groove Street Orchestra is a full time set band. This means the same musicians perform at every event whether it be a Wedding Reception, Corporate Event, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Ceremony, Dinner, or Nightclub. We do not mix and match musicians like many agencies do. This guarantees the sound of The Groove Street Orchestra will always be professional and well rehearsed.

Question: What do you offer for the cocktail hour?
Answer: Cocktail hour can consist of a solo pianist, a solo pianist with pop singer, a duo with bass or sax added, a jazz trio or even a jazz or pop quartet depending on your needs.

Question: Do you offer musicians for the ceremony?
Answer: Musicians and Vocalists are available for the ceremony (pianist, violin, cello, etc.) based on your needs. An ensemble with Violin, Cello, Piano and optional vocalist is popular.

Question: What styles of music does The Groove Street Orchestra Perform?
Answer: The Groove Street Orchestra is an extremely versatile dance band. They perform all styles of music ranging from the forties Big Band Era to Today’s Most Popular Hits. You have the option to select the styles of music to create the atmosphere of your event. Our Song List is updated weekly as we add songs old and new. Check out our Song List to see how versatile we really are.

Question: What type of music will be played during the dinner hour?
Answer: From standards like Sinatra, to high energy dance songs, you have the option to choose. The music will be performed at a comfortable volume level to ensure you and your guest can hold a conversation while dining.

Question: Would the band learn a specific song for me?
Answer: If you do not see the specific song you would like played on our Song List, we will learn it for you. We only ask you to provide us with the song name four weeks prior to your event. There is no charge to learn a few songs for you, it comes with the service.

Question: Does The Groove Street Orchestra perform ethnic music?
Answer: The Groove Street Orchestra performs many types of ethnic selections.

Question: Do you provide continuous music?
Answer: The Groove Street Orchestra provides continuous music from the start of the ceremony or cocktail hour to the last dance of the evening.

Question: How far does The Groove Street Orchestra travel?
Answer: With offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The Groove Street Orchestra has performed from the Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey areas to New York, Maryland, and beyond. We will travel as far as your budget will allow.

Question: What are your fees?
Answer: There are many factors that determine the fee for an event, such as date, time, location etc. Pricing can range from $3000.00 to $7,500,00 and beyond.

Question: What is your payment schedule?
Answer: A 25% deposit is due at the execution of the contract. A second 25% deposit is due 3 months after the executed contract. The final 50% balance is due one week prior to your event. Deposits are non-refundable.

Question: What types of payments do you accept?
Answer: Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card, and can be made on the website using PayPal.

Question: How much space does The Groove Street Orchestra require to perform?
Answer: An area 20ft. long by 10ft. deep is perfect. With their state of the art equipment, the band can perform in any size room, and can set up in a space provided for a much smaller band.

Question: What equipment does the band provide?
Answer: We will bring a full sound and light system including wireless mics for any speeches.

Question: What are your electrical requirements?
Answer: Two to Five separate 20 amp circuits depending on the production requirements.

Question: What does The Groove Street Orchestra wear?
Answer: For formal events, the band wears black. Females are always in gowns. For non-formal events attire can vary.

Question: Does The Groove Street Orchestra provide lighting?
Answer: The Groove Street Orchestra provides intelligent LED lighting for the stage area and dance floor. Other room lighting packages such as LED Up-Lighting are also available.

Question: How many breaks does the band take?
Answer: The Groove Street Orchestra will take one 20 minute break during the service of the main course. There will be music playing at that time. This is the only break that The Groove Street Orchestra take during a normal 5 hour event.

Question: What happens if a band member becomes ill the day of my event?
Answer: If an unforeseen sickness arises, The Groove Street Orchestra will replace the musician with one of equal talent. The Groove Street Orchestra has never canceled a performance due to illness since their inception in 2014.